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Panerai brand introduction and characteristics Panerai (Panerai) was founded in 1860, known for precision machinery and excellent quality. The earliest for the Italian Royal Navy production of precision instruments and watches. Today Panerai has become the world's leading high-level sports watch brand. With the design inspiration from the sea, Panerai will be positioned as the brand sports, leisure, high-end watches in the field. Italy's design style and Swiss expertise, so that each table has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. Panerai long-term for the Italian navy torpedo launcher for the production of automatic light-emitting mechanical calculators, aiming device, depth gauge, compass or underwater detonation device timers and other precision instruments, in the naval military field has accumulated rich experience, Since the replica watches uk sea of ​​design inspiration, Panerai brand positioning for the movement, leisure in the field of high-end watches. Combined with the Italian design style and Swiss expertise, Panerai makes every watch has a distinctive brand style, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, as the quality of people competing to collect the boutique in the 20th century. Due to long-term production torpedo launchers .. and other relevant experience accumulated in 1936 officially launched for the Italian Navy production Radiomir watch. Large diameter stainless steel pillow case (diameter 47 mm), fixed watch strap ears, screw-in crown, large steel pillow-type case (diameter 47 mm), luminous digital and time scale, Radiomir Radiomir Stainless Steel Pillow Case (47mm diameter), Luminous Digital (Luminous Shape), Stainless Steel Case (Stainless Steel Case), Stainless Steel Case And the time scale, linear watch lugs connected with the case welding, manual winding mechanical movement, wide extended waterproof strap, can be worn outside the diving suit. The Navy's historical archives record only 10 prototype wristwatches in 1936. Acquisition of Panerai watches Royal Navy requirements become more demanding: the rolex replica watches must be able to withstand the worst conditions underwater long-term test. Therefore, it must have a strong anti-fatigue. Lugs have been reinforced to meet these requirements, and with the case with integrated casting, in order to improve its waterproof performance. Some of today's Radiomir 1940 watches have a pillow case with a more pronounced edge on both sides. The general dimensions of the individual parts have been modified. Cylindrical (not tapered) crowns are crowned. Radiomir completed the evolution to Luminor. After the end of World War II, Panerai continued its technical research at the beginning of the war, improving Luminor's R & D. The new Luminor table is unique due to its crown guarding, the linear lugs have also been strengthened, and integrated with the case casting method, the case continues the Radiomir 1940 watch the pillow-shaped case with flat, wide table frame. Now equipped with the case of the table named Luminor In 1993 Panerai launched the first for the public launch of three limited edition series of watches: Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum watch, its inspiration is derived from the World War II created by the military watch, and many Collectors and people who love the Panerai watch competing to buy. This series in September 1993 in the Italian Navy's Durand De La Penne cruiser officially unveiled, Duke of Amedeo D'Aosta attended the ceremony. 1993 is Panerai and its most representative replica watches Luminor the key to the history of the year in that year, the brand for the first time to show the public Luminor and its changes Luminor Marina. Before that, Panerai watches only military force. 1997: Vendome Group will Panerai into its take over the watch factory watch, compass, flashlight tube and depth measuring instrument production, watch factory began to introduce new products, once again enhance the production quality, originally for the Italian Navy Designated dedicated watch, since the launch of the global market, has increasingly demonstrated a pivotal international status.